Johnny Badowski
February 24, 1979 - August 12, 2006

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Latest Game
Sunday March 21
Aardvarks 0 Barcelona 0
Next Game
Sunday March 28
Stern Financial v. Aardvarks
8:00am NEMP 9
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(512) 404-2332 press 1
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(512) 854-9489

Spring 2010 Schedule/Results

Sunday February 21
FC02 Austin 3 (1) Aardvarks 1 (1)
Goal — Ryan McCoy

Sunday February 28
Aardvarks 2 Buffalo Soldiers 2
Goal — Ryan Ford (2)

Sunday March 7
Aardvarks 2 Stoney Point 3
Goal — Ryan Ford, Ryan McCoy

Sunday March 14
Aardvarks 0 NI Eagles 6

Sunday March 21
Aardvarks 0 Barcelona 0

Sunday March 28
Stern Financial v. Aardvarks
8:00am NEMP 9

Sunday April 11
Wickham FC v. Aardvarks
8:00am OCSC 3

Sunday April 18
Celtic Cowboys v. Aardvarks
11:50am OCSC 7

Sunday April 25
Austin Blues v. Aardvarks
9:55am OCSC 10

Sunday May 2
Vicci v. Aardvarks
8:00am NEMP 12


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